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Having a passion for sailing, discoveries and adventure at sea, we had the desire to share it and make it discover to other people. For us, being on the water is synonymous with freedom and discovery. It is through our service management that we want you to benefit from this. By creating events for you or with you, your customers will have the opportunity to experience and tame freedom and discovery aboard one of our catamarans under management on each day of the event, in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. For us, casting off is joy every time!


The creation of MERCATOR management stems from our desire to contribute to the common well-being. We have combined our goals, our ambitions and our inspirations within our company in which we are all proud to participate. Since our beginnings, we have paid particular attention to all your expectations and needs in order to give you the best experience and a reason to call on us. Browse the rest of our site to find out more. For any questions do not hesitate to contact us !


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Would you like to be part of our dynamic team as captain, crew member or hostess on one of our boats? Make yourself known by completing the form below.

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